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Everyone in this photo is dead

Never Forget That You Are Going to Die

Time runs fast Everyone in the photo above is dead. The average human lifespan is 72.6 years - in other words, 26,517 days. The average is higher...
Why is news outrage

The Problem With Online News (Why it’s all Outrage)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why is digital news mostly outrage? If you've been following me for a while, you're probably aware of the...
Hypefury Review

Hypefury Review (From Over a Year of Use)

I have a pretty nice Twitter following (almost approaching 200k followers!), and I've learned quite a bit in the process of building it. This post...

Consistency is Key | Not Where You Want to Be in Life? This is...

Note: This was originally a short letter to a young struggling friend who was feeling down about not being where he wanted to be...

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym (Low Cost Home Gym Essentials)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Building a Home Gym on an affordable Budget There are several advantages to having a home gym, such as...

6 Main Reasons Why You’re NOT Gaining Muscle (With Solutions)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Topic: Answering the "Why am I not gaining muscle" question (muscle math) Most people in gyms look the same month...

How to Solve Problems in Your Life (With Examples!)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Personal Problem Solving (Life problems solved with real examples) In the spirit of LMM, i.e., action over reading, let's...

How to Increase Protein in Indian Vegetarian Diet (With Desi Diet Plan)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to get protein as a vegetarian (with high protein vegetarian diet plan) for Indians Note: This article has...

Is Working From Home The Future? (And The Effects of WFH)

Work from home (WFH) or remote work was forced on to many people and businesses because of the China Virus pandemic, and the implications...

How to Grow a Twitter Account: The Hypefury Presents Podcast Interviews Life Math Money

Yannick Veys, co-founder at Hypefury interviewed Harsh Strongman (i.e., me) a couple of weeks ago, and it's finally ready and published. We review the...

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